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Wall decals are also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyl, which are basically vinyl stickers cut in an artistic way, then affixed to a wall or other smooth surface for decoration and informational purposes.
Each Decals product is made to order according to your specifications.
Our vinyl manufacturer recommends that freshly painted surfaces be allowed to dry for 2 weeks before applying decals. This allows ample time for the surface to completely dry, thus allowing the decals to stick properly! Depending on the prevailing season, some paints however require more drying time..Kindly speak with your painter about the type of paints used and the recommended drying time, before applying your decals.
We encourage you to order a test decal sample pack first to test the area you wish to apply the decals to. If you are ever unsure of your surface, we strongly suggest that you order test decals first. Samples are available. Kindly check product list.
We recommend that you use and/or apply your TWAC Wall Decals within 15 days of receiving them. If you choose to store them past 15-30 days, we are unable to guarantee the life of the adhesive, and we cannot honor any exchanges or returns past that time frame.
"All of our decals are designed, hand crafted in IndiaFrom the highest quality vinyl specially imported. It is a gloss/matte finish & removable adhesive vinyl. It will appear to be painted on the wall after application. It is interior safe and removable.
Our decals will stick to most every flat smooth surface. That means finished wood, metal, paint, glass, plastic, furniture, appliances, doors, windows, laptops, mirrors and much much more. Note: In some cases and due to different decal designs,your area temperature, humidity, surface area, wall paint , textured walls and other facts you may experience some difficulties with the installations, peeling or applying your decal(s). If in doubt, please contact us during our normal business hours and BEFORE placing your order so we can help & assist you better.
Yes. You can peel and re-stick more solid decals like: polka dots, room stripes, Some rings, thick lettering (decals that don't have too many cuts in them are easily peeled) but try not to do this too many times as the decals will lose their sticky adhesive. Our thinner designs like thin lettering, some flowers , decals with a lot of details etc... Cannot be reused. So we highly suggest before you place them on your surface you make sure that's where you want them.
You simply peel the decals that don't have a transparent masking tape and stick them wherever you desire. Our more complicated decals all have a transparent masking tape on them, which makes it easier for you to peel the design off of the base paper and place it on your walls, once the art is on your surface you can discard the masking tape and the base paper (Click on our Help Menu for full instructions, Illustrations, Pictures & Videos). *Please note that some of our decals (specially the ones that are larger than 24" wide x 24" tall) may come in multiple parts to assemble. You may also need to cut between your decal to achieve the same look you see on our site.
Each of our Wall Decal designs are offered in specific sizes to ensure quality and precision of the intricate vinyl cuts. Any smaller and the quality of the design would be compromised. Our vinyl can be cut with household scissors so you can always crop/cut the design as needed to fit your space.

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