About us

Welcome to the world of "The Wall Art Company",(TWAC). Its a promise you won't look at your walls the same way anymore.

TWAC is the perfect alternative to boring painted walls. We offer self-adhesive wall appliques in different mediums such as vinyl, reflective acrylic, coloured acrylic, metal, wood, composite stone etc, that are easy to install yourself and change any uninspiring room into a wow area!

Let "wow" be the new mantra for entering your home. Let us encourage you to run wild with your creative imagination. Peel, apply, stick, remove, replace, reuse, all in a jiffy, what more can you ask for!

As time is a factor which makes or breaks the very objective of what we want to ?, when we want to ? and what we can do ?. I am sure we all have a dream to make our homes the place that looks good, feels good and makes good for each one of our familymembers, friends and relatives who pour in. Spreading a positive vibe, a rejuvanating experience, a mark in their minds, a tribute to loved ones, a reminder to be grounded, a question, a answer, a laugh, a cry, a quote, a memory, a cause, a support, a thought that provokes, a passion that ignites now put it on the real wall ! Yours and Now !!

Our range is so exhaustive, we are sure that it can satisfy all your creative instincts, be it sports, quotes, landscape, animals, birds, nature, abstract designs, 3D, cartoons, rock stars, movie stars, illusions. etc. Name it and we have it or be rest assured we will customise it for you.

Meet our team

Malini Vaz

CEO, Founder

Ronald Vaz

CEO, Founder

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